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Training on policies and systems is necessary, but it's not always the most efficient use of your time. For that reason, we've built a fully customizable staff portal for you! Simply make your purchase, and select your courses. We'll customize the portal and provide training videos so you can build out your own courses!


Provide Online Tumbling Training to Staff


Obtain Hiring Documents
Electronically From New Hires


Customizable Courses with
Quizzes for Comprehension


Choose from 11 customizable courses we offer!

We’ve created our own courses for our gyms, and you can use these are templates to customize them for yourself or use our courses! You’ll learn a ton of our policies and procedures in our own gyms with these courses created by our staff!

You OWN the site, so no monthly fee!

Because you own the site, you’ll just pay once for the development of the site itself. Beyond that, we can transfer the files to you or you can host with us for an annual fee that covers your licensing on: Forms, Members Plug In, and Hosting.

We'll customize your portal so it's your brand displayed!

While you’ll customize the course content, we’ll brand the site with your colors, logo and images. We’ll give you a customizable header, footer, menu and login page.

Systems for you and your staff!

You own the site, but we’ll teach you how to do everything you want to do on a WordPress site specific to courses, memberships for your staff and other great functions to help your on-boarding and training.


Current turnaround time is approximately 2 weeks.


Am I able to add my own courses?

Absolutely! This is YOUR SITE, so you can add any courses you’d like. In fact, we want you to use the site for efficient staff training throughout the year, so you can develop courses once that your staff can take any time (saving you both labor and time teaching the same material over and over!)

Can I host somewhere else?

Sure! We offer annual hosting through WP Engine, but it’s totally optional. If you choose to host elsewhere, you’ll pay our development fee and we’ll send you the files when the site is complete.

What if I don't know how to use WordPress?

We’ll provide a Trello board full of systems to show you how to create memberships for your staff, restrict access to various content, create new courses and edit old ones. Don’t worry – we’ll help you do what you need to do on your portal!

Will this take the personalization out of staff training?

No way! We use courses to help keep the staff on the same page and get information transferred from us to our staff. We then use our one-on-one in-person time training our staff on hands-on material and collaboration. Quality time will aid dramatically in staff retention, and we can do more of that when we’ve systemized our on-boarding and training through computer-based training.

Will my staff actually retain the information?

We believe it’s important to include various types of learning into courses. That means you’ll see courses that have a combination of videos, text and interactive quizzes to document that staff have completed the content and actually understand the material.

Can this be part of my regular website?

Unfortunately we won’t build a staff portal on your regular site. The plug ins used for this staff portal take up a lot of space and can slow down your site. They also become increasingly complicated when setting rules for restricted content. However, your only fees after the initial development are approximately $280/year.

What courses are available?

  • The current courses available include:
  • Start Here – This is a course designed to send to a staff member before his/her first day. You will find out their t-shirt size, direct deposit information, provide links to relevant tax paperwork, tell him/her where to park and more. It’s a super professional way to get someone started and familiar with your gym!
  • Orientation – When building the culture in your gym, you should take time to tell about how the gym started, what your values are and where your gym is headed. This is the perfect time to introduce someone to your business and go through your staff handbook. (A sample link to our staff handbook is included!)
  • About Our Classes – In this course, a staff member learns about the various classes and programs you offer in the gym as well as how to do a skills assessment program.
  • Birthday Parties – In this course, a staff member will learn how to host and run great birthday parties at the gym.
  • Systems – In this course, we teach our staff what systems are, how to use them and how to create them. You’ll also get to see some of our most-used systems in the gym.
  • Trial Membership (Included with 8-course option only) – In this course, we teach our staff the importance of the trial membership, how to recognize a trial member and their role in the the process. We also emphasize why trial members should be important to all coaches in the gym.
  • Parent & Tot (Included with 8-course option only) – In this course, we walk through what a parent and tot class looks like and how to run one effectively.
  • Tumbling Levels 1-4 (Included with the 8-course option only) –  Staff members learn the foundations of various tumbling skills in this course. We will teach them key points they need to look for on each skill as well as videos of what the skills should look like. Note: We do not teach spotting in this course.
  • Core Values – In this course we teach our staff what our core values are as a gym and go through each of them in relation to the athlete, parent and staff member. We also talk about how we implement them in the gym.
  • Emergency Procedures – Course coming by Aug. 1! You can purchase now and we’ll add this to your site when it’s done.
  • Summer Camp – Course coming by Aug. 1! You can purchase now and we’ll add this to your site when it’s done.


Current turnaround time is approximately 2 weeks from the time we receive your submission.